How to Become Wealthy

how to become wealthyMost people think how to become wealthy is associated with dollars, chasing things, buying shiny cars like the neighbors, etc.. This approach has you looking outwardly for mere morsels of wealth when inwardly you have access to infinite wealth that is beyond anything the world could offer.

You may have heard of the beggar found sitting on a trunk pleading for money, food, anything to help. When a passer-by asked what was in the trunk he was sitting on he said, I never looked. There’s no point nothing is in there. The passer-by persisted, why don’t you look in the trunk? Upon opening the trunk the beggar’s jaw dropped in disbelief. Inside the trunk were jewels, diamonds and gold.

What is Really Going on

We live our lives as though the better we can make the outside world, the better our experience will be on the inside. Believing the stories we are told, the communal narrative; we think mass culture has it right. This is how we mistakenly follow in a subordinate position looking outside, asking for wealth when we should be creating wealth from the inside. 

I am now asking you to look inside. 

We are like the beggar uninformed or disbelieving that we have the means, the capacity to create untold wealth but we blindly follow the story we’re told and have never looked inside to see our potential. Sitting on wealth we don’t realize what we own. We spin, squabble, claw and fight with a scarcity mindset.

The Fundamentals of How to Become Wealthy

When we adopt the messages offered by mass culture or society we aren’t even aware we have made a choice. We just follow along…they’re all doing it

It’s easy to follow the mythical belief, the fallacy that success leads to happiness, external wealth leads to security and our circumstances create our experience. But this “following” way of life creates only illusions of accomplishment and a shadow of fulfillment. The resultant wealth is shallow and ephemeral. Underneath the veneer of shallow wealth is fear, anxiety and stress.

This is not how to become wealthy. It is not sustainable and it threatens our well being and health. We mistake activity for progress and we end up spinning our wheels, running in place.

Following mass culture gets us the exact opposite of authentic wealth, achievement and meaningful progress. In the end fluff is still only fluff.

Life’s Absolute Truth

The way out or the hand up here is your own. Real success, a life of fulfillment, happiness and inner peace—the real wealth of life that everything else is derived from comes from within. This is how to become wealthy.

Authentic, permanent wealth is created from the inside. You are the goose that lays unlimited golden eggs. Wealth flows into everything you do……. from your essence outward. 

The Absolute Truth is:

  • Happiness leads to success.
  • Security in Self leads to wealth.
  • Thoughts create experience.

The evidence of this Absolute Truth showing itself throughout history is overwhelming.

People, great leaders throughout history have grasped this understanding. Lurid personal experiences, shocking feedback, constructive criticism and deep examination, study and contemplation have created glaringly obvious shifts inward in many great leaders.

As Abraham Lincoln lay dying on April 15, 1865, his secretary of war said, there lays the most perfect ruler of men the world has ever seen.

Abraham Lincoln was not always the kind, diplomatic, stoic leader we know today.  As a young man in Pigeon Creek Indiana and a young lawyer in Springfield, Illinois Lincoln attacked opponents openly, published letters in newspapers and wrote poems ridiculing people. Lincoln would even drop contemptuous letters he wrote on country roads where they would surely be found.

Lincoln was caught up in the communal narrative of his time; backbiting, putting others down, fighting negativity with more negativity. Creating more conflict. 

In 1842 at the age of 33, Lincoln ridiculed a vain politician named James Shields through an anonymous letter he published in the Springfield Journal. The town roared with laughter.

Mr. Shields boiled with anger and indignation. He found out who wrote the letter jumped on his horse, chased Lincoln down and challenged him to a dual.

Lincoln was not an experienced fighter. He didn’t want to fight but was compelled to save his honor. Lincoln chose cavalry swords as the weapon (he had long arms) and took lessons from a West Point graduate.

On the prearranged day Lincoln and Shields met on a sandbar in the Mississippi River prepared to fight to the death. But at the last minute their assistants stopped the duel.

Abraham Lincoln Shifted from trying to influence the outside world to create a better experience to creating a better world from the inside. This shift led to a Journey on How to Become Wealthy

This was the most shocking situation Lincoln had ever experienced. The violent, attacking reaction from Shields caused him to re-examine his approach to the frustrations and conflicts of everyday life.

Lincoln never again wrote another insulting letter. He never once criticized or ridiculed anyone. He developed a strong and abiding understanding and compassion for all of humanity. Even during the Civil War when many of his generals blundered and the Nation condemned their incompetence, Lincoln stayed in peace, living into his quote, with malice toward none, with charity for all.

Absolute Truth

Benjamin Franklin too experienced a similar shift after a wake-up call. Franklin was probably the most successful diplomat in American history. It’s difficult to talk about America without mentioning Franklin. What is not well known is that Franklin struggled as a follower early on.

As a young man Franklin’s ambitions outweighed his character. Like so many in his day, he was full of arrogance and empty on character. He was headed for an unsuccessful future and social isolation due to his arrogant blundering, arguing and habit of criticism and putting others down.

A Quaker friend cared enough to save him and pulled Franklin aside to give him some feedback stinging with truths and candid criticism. This Quaker friend said Franklin was too proud and it showed in frequent conversations. It wasn’t enough to be right in his arguments. He often became overbearing, condescending and insolent while proving his point.

Franklin too was part of the crowd, creating more conflict.

The first step Franklin took was right and the rest is history. He looked at this feedback with an open mind rather than condemning it. He began to devise ways to look inside, change and improve. In fact, Franklin made self-improvement a continuous theme in his life. He created “rules” for himself to follow in an effort to use each day to grow, improve and become better.

He went from a haughty, arrogant, an average follower to leading himself to the heights of diplomacy in early America. Franklin became known for living into the quote… “I will speak ill of no man.”

Recognizing Ineffectiveness Will Help You Figure Out How to Become Wealthy

Both Franklin and Lincoln recognized they somehow had let mass culture direct their reactions to life. They realized they had become mediocre followers and were ineffective, adding to human suffering and pain and at once they discovered something deeper within themselves.

Both had the ambition to rise beyond the typical thinking of the day. They had a strong desire to lead the average and mediocre crowds out of their petty preoccupations.

Toward their greatness, they didn’t just vow to become “nicer.” You don’t become nice for the rest of your life. It’s too hard to keep up the appearance, the act of being nice for a lifetime.

They came to understand how to become wealthy. Authentic, permanent wealth is created from a solid and secure internal core of strength and understanding. That is how they were able to influence and change the world. They grasped that they must first lead themselves well.

Study the lives of great leaders throughout history and you’ll see this shift manifest clearly.

Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Anwar Sadat’s–and many other’s lives show and describe similar shifts. The shift is the same in all cases only the origin or stimuli is different.

Many not so well known leaders also have come to realized their ineffective approach, their mistaking activity for progress and they made this necessary shift. They came to realize how to become wealthy. 

It’s more human and more humane to recognize and operate by the Absolute Truth: Happiness leads you to Success, Security in yourself leads to wealth and your thoughts create your experience.

It is empowering and a the same time freeing to know the Absolute Truth. There are no more false fears or worries about what doesn’t work.

You know how to become wealthy from your indestructible essence. Your wealth and abundance flows into everything you do.

When Lincoln and Franklin (and many others) discovered this for themselves, the pain and frustration ended. This knowing gave both of these leaders new internal wealth and security that led to their iconic success. 

You too can make the shift and begin living by the Absolute Truth. Try it and discover for yourself the power of creating wealth from the inside.


I Wish You More Than Luck!


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