How To Dramatically Enhance Workforce Engagement

Workforce EngagementWorkforce Engagement is not as simple as job satisfaction. It is more like a sum of its parts. Workforce Engagement is the rational and emotional connection employees feel that contributes to a willingness to give their discretionary effort at work.

An engaged workforce is good for employees and good for business. Engaged employees bring their hearts and minds to work, they:

  • Drive productivity and profits.
  • Drive innovation and creativity.
  • Create an exceptional customer experience.

Workforce Engagement is not as simple as job satisfaction


Anyone who has ever had a boss will know intuitively that attitude and feelings about work are directly related to their supervisor. Managers are the linchpins in workforce engagement. Managers are embedded with the employees. If a manager is an ambassador for the company, an “evangelist employee,” associates will pick up on this and follow their lead. This daily influence over time will develop employees in the likeness of the manager.


Managers create a climate of connection. The millions of tiny, seemingly insignificant daily interactions between managers and employees are in fact, wildly significant.

Today we need our workforce to bring their ideas, their volunteer efforts and their heart


If a manager initiates an “engagement relationship” with the workforce and sustains his/her efforts, engagement is sure to follow. A manager who knows employees’ strengths and creates projects and assignments to use and enhance those strengths is rewarded by employee engagement. If employees feel that someone (especially a supervisor) at work encourages his or her development you will see workforce engagement surge.


Manager communication is another key. An employee with a problem supported by an approachable; calm, open-minded, available-when-needed manager, is a recipe for engagement.

The outward expression of engagement demonstrates the internal health and happiness of employees.


And if all this effort is initiated and supported from the “C” Suite employees will take notice. As your efforts gradually and incrementally progress, word will spread like the message “free doughnuts in the break room,” soon everyone will know.

Employees will begin telling stories of their experiences. These stories will be shared, repeated and echoed. The stories will create new feelings among employees and they will relate to new experiences. The new feelings, experiences and stories will cultivate a new culture, one that you initiated, a culture of employee engagement.

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