A Busy Mom’s Mission: How To Find The Entrepreneurial Success You Crave

Find The Entrepreneurial Success You CraveHere’s how to find the entrepreneurial success you crave.

As a mom, you’ve probably felt the pressure to both take care of your children and contribute your household income. This is a problem many of us have faced head on, and one solution is to forget the nine-to-five and start your own business. As a mom-entrepreneur, you have choices, but you also have challenges.


Types of Work-From-Home Business that can help you find the entrepreneurial success you crave


One of the first obstacles you will have to overcome is to decide what type of business you want to operate. A few common options are a franchise, a business you built from scratch, or selling existing products either online or in person.


  • A franchise is an offshoot of a larger company. You purchased the rights to operate in a specific territory, which might be a ZIP code, county, or mile radius. You can search for a franchise online in virtually all industries, and, in many cases, you won’t be required to have a brick-and-mortar establishment.


  • Self-Started. Starting a business based on your own personal experience is less expensive than a franchise but might take some time to fully refine. If you are a website designer, for example, there’s nothing stopping you from offering the service, but it can take weeks to months – or longer – to build your clientele.


  • For most women, sales mean MLM. This is a business model where you acquire products directly from the manufacturer and then sell to your customers for a profit. In some circumstances, you build your own teams and reap a small reward for each sale made in your downstream. Can also sell products online via dropshipping.


Smart Choices 



When you’re ready to launch your own business, your work still isn’t done. There are things you can do to perpetuate your success so that you can enjoy a good work/life balance.


  • Invest in coaching. Coaching with Brian Braudis can help you move forward if you feel as though you have plateaued or don’t know what really works for you and your lifestyle. Having a guide can help you overcome challenges so you know where you are headed.


  • Establish your business structure. No matter what type of business you choose, having a business structure in place is a wise move. For smaller businesses, an LLC is a good choice. This reduces your legal liabilities, provides some tax advantages, and doesn’t require an expensive attorney if you don’t mind researching your state’s LLC laws and using a formation service.


Finding Balance When You Work from Home


The Miami Herald points out that finding work/life balance is the greatest challenge that most moms face when they choose to start a home-based business. Here are three tips to help you over the hurdle.


  • Set a schedule. When you work in an office, you have a schedule. You arrive at a certain time, take lunch at a certain time, and leave when the clock says to go. While a traditional schedule may not work for your family, you should set aside at least some dedicated working hours each day.


  • Limit distractions. Distractions at home come in many forms, from laundry piled up in the corner to children crying in the background. Limit these, if possible, by creating a chore chart for your spouse, self, and older children and locating your office away from your living room, kitchen, or other gathering space.


  • Get help. Even Wonder Woman has help from time to time. Don’t be shy about outsourcing things like house cleaning and yard work or, for your business, administrative tasks that don’t require your level of expertise.


Running a business from home as a mom and entrepreneur may not always be easy. Like working away from your children, there are challenges to overcome. However, you can do this, and the above tips can help you get started like a boss.


A busy mom herself, Leslie has dedicated her site Wellparents.com to all the moms and dads out there searching for ideas on being physically and emotionally well.




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