Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: August 19, 2019 – Civility@Work

Improvement Movement

Improvement Movement… Lift Something Heavy!

I want to involve you in my new campaign; an Improvement Movement called Civility@Work. This is going to take more input, effort and resources. So, to keep it all going, I’m asking for your support.

We are upping the ante to bring you more content on the Improvement Movement and making a difference. For it to remain free to thousands, we need support from a few. It’s on a platform called Patreon. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

What is the Improvement Movement on Patreon?

Patreon is modeled from the days of Shakespeare when aristocrats made contributions to artists so they could continue their work free from company, individual or corporate influences.

Here’s What’ s Key

Civility@Work is more than just Brian. It takes the effort of several “helpers” to bring improvement content to you continuously.

In addition to audio/video equipment, we use a hosting service, editors and production help. We have editors for our posts along with publishing assistance.

We Need YOU

You are someone who knows that staying close and engaged with life-changing, inspirational content helps you be true to the best within you. Not just true to yourself but the best within you.

The best is that part within you that knows that life is far more than anything you can ever see or hear or touch. That deep part, your Presence—what gives you the strength and courage to stand for those things, without which humankind cannot survive.

Love that conquers hate. The peace that flows out of you and rises triumphant over incivility. And justice that proves more powerful than greed.

You know that the world would progress if more people could identify their own resources—the best within that may be latent, covered up or inaccessible.

Our mission is to support your continued effort to be true to the best within you; to be a model not a critic; one who cultivates rather than intimidate.

That’s why we will be creating even more content that is:

  • Less hype and more REAL
  • Less cold negative and more Warm Love
  • Less business and more Humanity

And…..some content will only be available to patrons—you!

Patreon lets you support our work as one working to make a difference.

You can enjoy Civility@Work for free (or as long as we can manage to keep it free without your support). But if you can afford a coffee a month, you can be a bigger part of the effort.

We started August 13th, so you can get in from the start. Join us! You can be part of an important and relevant conversation! The Improvement Movement!

Why would you pay for an Improvement Movement that is already free?

Here’s what our supporters say:

The contents, depth, and simplicity of your papers and videos are amazingly superb. Thank you for being the guide and mentor I was looking for.- S.F.

I have been enjoying your Blog, eBooks and Papers for a while now and want to say thanks! More than a Mentor you are a Spiritual Teacher.—K.L.

What you offer is inspiring and very important but not enough people make it a priority. Thanks to you, I now do!—P.C.
Our industry and, probably the entire world is starved for the kind of things you write, talk and do videos about. Keep it up, please!-K.H.

All of your dynamic information is not only career changing but life changing. I’m older and ready to retire. I wish I found out about you earlier. Still, I’ll stay engaged. You’ll help me keep going in the upward direction. Thank you!—T.N

Our Civility@Work Patreon Page is designed to give you an edge and keep you ahead of the pack.

Sign up for whatever you can afford and, I’ll send you a PDF of my book via email.

Join the $5.00 Tier and include your address. I’ll send you a signed hard copy of my book.

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