Increase Your Impact!

High Impact: If not leaders then who?

Leaders set the pace, shift the energy and show team members what is possible. When day-to-day frustrations, conflicts and disappointments deflate your team’s spirit, it’s up to leaders to create the shift toward productivity, possibility and vision.

Brian’s High Impact Leadership Programs are an opportunity for a new look, a new beginning. This is a new entrance for 21st century leadership—less emphasis on what is going wrong and a greater emphasis on your intentional and strategic approach toward leading and modeling what you want to see happen.

Increased impact is increased contribution—your best effort. Within each day there exists thousands of investment opportunities to:  

  • Shift the energy of your team—-Neutralize negativity.
  • Raise the standard—-Turn complaints into upsells.
  • Convert dissonance to connectedness—-Prevent problems not treat symptoms.
  • View problems as areas for innovation—-Innovate don’t stagnate.

It’s easier to build strong leaders than to repair broken companies.


Increase Your Impact Boot Camp: A two-day boot camp specifically designed to improve performance. In-person, Brian builds the skills of your team and instills beliefs and approaches that can be applied to prevent not treat problems.

The details: We begin with an engaging brainstorming strategy session with key executives to assess specific challenges and goals and customize the Boot Camp program to meet your specific needs. From this collaborative effort we then launch the program with specifically tailored live presentations, follow-up videos. Brian’s book, audio programs, study guides and handouts are included.

Increase Your Impact From Effective to Great: A 30-day program designed to improve skill and integrate personal development with leadership competency finally moving the needle from mere effective to GREAT!

The details: Brian’s three powerful in-person visits begin by collaborating with key to maximize program impact. We want to move the needle here… from effective to GREAT! Through in-person and subsequent video presentations, Brian will build strength in your team and impart the skill and inspiration for participants to independently improve work situations and incorporate productive habits. Through integrated practice and application participants learn to recognize pitfalls and learn to shift to productive, supporting behavior that cultivate fulfillment and satisfaction. This program builds skill, personal strength that leads to improved behavior and habits. Every participant receives audio programs, study guides, handouts and a copy of Brian’s book, High Impact Leadership.

High Impact Leadership Program: This 90-day transformational program is designed to take you and your team to the highest level delivering High Impact. Transform behaviors, prevent problems and conflict and increase accountability. Do more than just cope. Give your leaders the strength and skill to consistently deliver on the promise of High-Impact.

The details: We begin this intensive program with a live executive work session designed as a personal and professional development session. The effectiveness of this program involves what most other programs lack—repetition, reinforcement and application. Brian visits all diverse work units to get an idea of challenges not readily apparent and we build a diverse cohort designed to provide peer support. Brian helps define “influencers” within the cohort who can motivate everyone to operate “above the line” and move the needle on behavior change.

Brian spends four powerful days on site interacting, coaching and delivering live presentations: Two in-person days around the kick off, a mid program day and one day to close out the 90 days. Prior to launch Brian delivers customized videos and email messages—building enthusiasm for the effort. To open each month’s chapter Brian delivers an inspiring and compelling video that participants can view at work or even at home. Every participant receives audio programs, study guides, handouts and a copy of Brian’s book, High Impact Leadership. Due to the intense one-on one coaching involved with this customized High Impact developmental program the number of participants is limited to 20. 

Brian’s programs include a full compliment of new skill sets, new mindsets and new tool sets…not to treat problems but to PREVENT problems.

NOTE: The 90-day program is a smaller investment than replacing one sales consultant that may depart today. Brian equips you to create a supportive and productive environment preventing attrition. What naturally follows is increased leadership results you can see.

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