Innovative Employee Benefits Employers Can Use to Keep Employees Happy

Innovative Employee BenefitsAs a business owner, innovative employee benefits can help ensure your employees are happy. Why? Wellable reveals that satisfied workers are 13% more productive. Plus, happy workers are less likely to seek new opportunities elsewhere, allowing you to attract employees and resulting in a loyal team that grows with your company. Employee benefits can help ensure your workers are content.


In addition to the usual perks like health and dental, Julia Mitchell outlines some more innovative benefits you might offer.


First Up: Communicate Innovative Employee Benefits to your Team


Whether an employee is a new hire or a tenured team member, benefits must be conveyed to everyone. In addition to employee retention, one of the purposes of offering unique and sought-after “bennies” is to stand out from your competition so you can attract top talent. Create a fun, personable flyer to send out to your team with details of each benefit and incentive. Adobe’s online flyer maker, with editable templates and professional graphics, takes the creative work off your shoulders.


Gym Memberships


A gym membership is the type of extra expense that a person may not want to spend money on themselves. Many employees are thus happy if their employer is willing to cover this cost. If you get a package for your entire company, you can likely get a reduced rate. Flexispot explains that by sponsoring gym memberships, you are creating a culture of wellness in the workplace. This can contribute to more energized, more productive teams.


Health and Wellness Perks


Gym memberships are just one of the many types of health and wellness perks you might offer at your company. You could also organize wellness sessions like yoga classes or after-work runs to get your workers moving. Don’t forget to address mental health, too. Meditation classes from a professional can help teams find new ways to tackle workplace stress, for example.


Paid Days Off


Here’s another example of an employee benefit that isn’t necessarily the most innovative but is sure to be appreciated: Give your workers paid days off. In addition to paid sick leave and vacation days, look for special opportunities to cut them a break. A paid birthday off is a great idea. It adds a personalized touch that can boost morale. This is the kind of extra perk that can help a company stand out in terms of corporate social responsibility.


Sabbatical Options


A sabbatical used to be reserved for the top tiers of academia only. However, companies of all kinds are now giving workers a chance to take an extended break with the understanding that they can return to their job later. This is a chance for people to pursue personal development or “bucket list” dreams. Big names that have a sabbatical policy include American Express, Hallmark, General Mills, Google, and Goldman Sachs, among others.


Career Coaching 


Odds are that most of your employees have some kind of larger career aspirations beyond their current role. Why not support them in achieving their dreams? Providing career coaching shows that you care about your workers’ growth and advancement and it’s a genuinely appreciated perk. It also benefits your business, as you will have better qualified, more skilled workers as a result.


Telework is One of Those Innovative Employee Benefits That Has Become Common


The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to switch to remote work. Now, as the world shifts to the post-pandemic “new normal,” many workers are clamoring for this kind of flexibility to continue. As an employer, it’s advisable to keep up with the times and find ways to meet this demand. Even if your company cannot accommodate remote work, you can find other ways to give employees more personal agency, like flexible work hours.


Diversity Programs


Diversity and inclusion have become hot topics, with the general public calling for more varied representation at all levels of business, politics, and entertainment. Do your part by implementing diversity programs. This means more than adjusting your hiring practices. You can also provide benefits like cultural sensitivity training and diversity mentorship programs. Make sure to gather feedback so you can adapt your efforts according to your team’s needs.


Team Building Exercises


Closely knit teams that trust one another generally work together better. Innovative team-building efforts can also be seen as a perk by employees, keeping them happy and engaged. Tiny Pulse offers a list of fun collaboration-boosting activities you may not have thought of in the past. Examples include cultural celebration parties, escape rooms, and ropes courses. Survey your team to see what kind of activity they’d be interested in.


Innovative Employee Benefits Could Include In-Office Pets


Many people love having a furry friend around to pet and cuddle throughout the workday. Allowing people to bring in animals can be a rare benefit that will make your company stand out from the competition. Of course, this is the kind of perk that needs to be carefully regulated. If some workers have allergies, for example, this can be a deal-breaker. You also need to ensure you have space to comfortably accommodate an animal in the office.


Company Discounts is one of The More Common Innovative Employee Benefits 


Your workers are the basis for your company’s success. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to sustain. So shouldn’t they get to reap the rewards of your business offering themselves? If your company offers a service or product that would be of interest to your team, consider giving them discounts. An employee discount is a consistent way to show appreciation and remind your workers that they are an integral part of your company’s success.


Non-Work Related Educational Courses


Finally, consider offering educational benefits for your teams that have nothing to do with work. Give your employees a chance to learn something new just for the fun of it. A cooking or cocktail-making class is a great example. You can also provide access to more practical training, like financial planning or retirement planning. People appreciate this kind of assistance and, again, it shows that you care as an employer.


The above list offers many ideas for innovative employee benefits you can use to keep your employees happy. Choose those that best fit your company’s style to put together a one-of-a-kind benefits package that improves job satisfaction, worker productivity, and long-term loyalty.


Julia Mitchell has always been driven with a goal and passion. It has made her reach her dream job in a financial services firm, and working with multiple side-income entrepreneurial ventures. She aspires to bring impact to others and inspire them to passionately pursue their dreams as well. She is one of the people behind

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