Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is PowerKnowledge is Power. Literally! In these uncertain times you could exhaust all your energy being wound up, running in place like a mouse in a wheel, ruminating on the catastrophes that could happen—and some people do.

Remember, you only have so much energy.

By pursuing increased knowledge (including knowing yourself) you won’t be one of those people. Rather than exhausting your energy spinning, you’ll be building a reserve to draw upon and keep you resilient. The right pursuit of knowledge will liberate you. You will literally be smarter, stronger, resistant and resilient…wealthy in ways others just can’t understand.

Knowledge is Power

Here’s how to take a new view of “everyday.”

  • Keep your eyes and your mind open. If you’re not consuming any new knowledge, ideas or inspiration, then you are relying on the conditioning of your past (and your surroundings) to inform your future. Remember the mantra…if you’re not growing you’re falling behind. Keep your antennae up for new ideas and inspiration. The daily flood of information holds inspiration and ideas for you to decipher. From how the Cubs won the World Series by recruiting players with character to how Muhammad Ali, a kid who could have fallen through the cracks (but didn’t), made himself larger than life. Inspiration and knowledge is available to fuel your efforts. If you’re looking for it, you’ll find the nuggets in the everyday seemingly banal world of information. You simply must believe Knowledge is Power. 
  • Use each day to slowly but surely build and make education and self-improvement a life-long habit. A recent study of the habits of the wealthiest people found that 86% believe in life-long learning and daily improvement. An even higher percentage, 88% read at least 30 minutes each day. The wealthiest people know how to get wealthy and stay wealthy. They invest in their most valuable asset by implementing this fact: Knowledge is Power! What about you?
  • With new eyes develop your capacity to stay open, broaden, deepen and develop new, alternate perspectives. One perspective gives you only one option for response. I hear these leaps of assessment all the time….. They didn’t call back they must not like me. My presentation must not have been good enough. Our budget was cut; they must think we’re not important. People use untested inferences to develop a perspective. Then they operate as though their perspective is based on facts. They make further inferences (with limited knowledge) and develop more perspectives on how the world is out to sink them and the whole thing spins out of control. It becomes their solid basis for conclusion but in reality it’s completely flawed from the start. Again, Knowledge is Power.

Knowledge is Power

Don’t believe it for one minute that the limitations you see are the true measure of limitations. Everything is changeable. Negativity, limitations, demoralization and fear voluntarily inhabit our psyche. And this is the filter through which we derive and implement perspective. 

Knowledge, inspiration, ideas, enthusiasm, hope, faith and desire—all positives have to be sought after and injected.

Make sure you are challenging and overriding the voluntary, the uncertainty, fear and anxiety of everyday by injecting new knowledge that you have chased down and uncovered.

Knowledge is the power that keeps you from falling behind.

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