Leaders Create Well Being

Well beingWhen I talked with Dr. Martin Seligman he was explicit about well being.

Speaking from over 25 years of research, experience and anecdotes that have adorned him as the father of positive psychology, he said leaders should be creating well being.

“Well being should be a top personal goal. It should be a corporate goal and a National goal.”

We are all responsible in our own way to cultivate and increase well being. Rather than manage stress, reduce it at the root cause. Cultivate your own climate. You can’t lead if the building is on fire. Don’t send team members running from dissonance. Keep them form leaving with resonance. 

Leaders however have a special role that involves others.

As frontrunners, spearheads, the trailblazers and “tone setters,” leaders create the climate we work and function in.

Anyone who has ever worked knows—the better the work environment, the more valuable we feel. There is a higher morale to appreciate and we feel more like making a contribution, not just doing a job.

To begin to create a climate of well being, leaders:

Let go of having to be the smartest person in the room

Empower team members by getting everyone involved in leading

Assume responsibility for the climate

Develop relentlessly

Engage everyone in a collective vision

Respond rather than react

The onus is on leaders. They must make the first move and model for all team members what the course will be. Team members will follow what leadership does. They follow the tone set by leadership. This is how culture is created–initiated from the top down and implemented from the bottom up.

Leaders are driving and team members help steer. If leaders are driving well flow happens and the steering is easy.

Here are tools for leader well being.


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