Leadership For Earth Day

Earth Day

I believe we all want what Earth Day promises—a cleaner, healthier and safer planet for our children and grand children, everyone who may come after us.

The Whole Planet

Most everyone would agree this goes for the indoors as much as the outdoors. We must take responsibility for the entire planet. Even if we had nothing to do with creating it we must shift our thinking and take responsibility not so much for the problem or issue but responsibility for our actions to lead in the direction of improvement.

How are you cultivating improvement?

Leadership For Earth Day
Rehabilitate The OutdoorsLeadership For Earth Day
Cultivate Well Being Indoors 

The Reminder

The medical field has adopted the guiding principle, “First, Do No Harm.” Which is intended to mean the first priority is patient well-being.

Earth Day reminds us it is all of our responsibility to “Do Some Good.” It doesn’t matter where you find yourself—amongst steel, cement and carpet is as good as a beach sweep. The point is to spread good works. Create well-being within and without, indoors and outdoors.

On Earth Day and Every Day; Cleaner, Healthier and Safer Are In Your Hands

Imagine if smiles, kind words, and reassurance that all is well and YOU are well permeated our planet and you had something to do it? As leaders, we have a responsibility to build and spread positive and productive momentum.

Compartmentalize and Incinerate Trash

Become the leader of YOU. Outbursts and anger show you are overwhelmed and unprepared. You must always be composed and prepared to think, act and perform as a leader who is blazing a cleaner, healthier and safer trail. Cultivate well-being in yourself. Put your oxygen mask on first. Build the internal fortitude to defuse rather than infuse.

Earth Day Is Not A Fight

A changing planet is not a call to battle but rather an opportunity to shift thinking beyond the status quo. A battle mentality limits options for involvement and collaboration. Cleaner, healthier and safer is a common theme upward no matter what side your on.

The fact is we are responsible for the only planet in the universe where life is known to exist. Let’s accept this responsibility with the intention to cultivate a cleaner, healthier safer life-giving planet.

Leaders make things happen so followers can get things done….. Let’s make this happen.

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