Don’t Let Life Pull You Down

life pull you downYou undoubtedly have noticed the tendency to let life pull you down. I hear it from the hundreds of people I talk with.

  • I start out strong but I’m pulled down by Noon. 
  • I prepare myself for the onslaught of negativity but end up drawn in following along with everybody else.
  • I want to do better but I seem to easily get sucked in to what sucks!

Life’s education is about developing awareness of what is real, essential and yet hidden in plain sight–hard to talk about and yet influencing us constantly.

To see how the details of this unfolds and to pick up on what for most goes unnoticed, you have to be really paying attention, engaged and not on autopilot.

Humans are designed to naturally adapt to stimuli. So the activities of adult living have a way of silently operating in the background influencing and contributing to our thinking, our beliefs, our narratives and our actions and even our self-image and confidence.

The Context

The tendency to let life pull you down. We become conditioned by life’s frustrations, unfairness and disappointments. The stresses of work—favoritism, nepotism, unfair judgments and bad bosses pull us down.

Have you ever noticed the conversations at happy hour are not very happy? Happy hour is more like story sharing about the worst things that happen at work. Everyone tries to top the negativity of the previous story. My boss is worse than your boss! Even during party time you let life pull you down.

Seems harmless…but the trouble is when we chuckle and quietly adjust to the deluge of things that take the wind out of our sails on a daily basis; we are being conditioned. In very small, infinitesimal ways we adjust moment-by-moment with each interaction and our thoughts, beliefs and character become shaped and informed by these stimuli. It’s a cumulative build up of negativity, dissonance, friction, conflict and tension. 

We begin to unknowingly, in very small ways accept ideas such as—anxiety is acceptable, conflict and frustration are “normal” and personal immobility (being stuck) is expected, just part of the deal. Overtime our beliefs put us into the rut of stagnation, accepting that mediocrity and the status quo is OK, normal and unchangeable. Anything I do doesn’t matter. I might as well give up and join everybody else!

Direct Evidence

  • We all know those who get everything they want and still complain.
  • Some people leap to tell anyone who will listen (my story) how they have been victimized by life.
  • There are those who are automatically sure that the world is out to get them.
  • Still others lash out, give a cold stare or huff at anyone who would dare ask for extra sugar, no ice or a special topping.

The Real Truth is You are Being Conditioned in the Wrong Direction..AKA; Letting Life Pull You Down

Don’t allow it! Don’t let life pull you down. This kind of negative conditioning grows hidden in plain sight under the guise of normal every day adult life. It creates the wrong kind of momentum that tears down, detracts and promotes cynicism, we give up, it’s the opposite of growth!

This conditioning stifles. It holds us back and acts like an obstacle to our full potential. And these days there are more distractions than ever to pull your attention away form noticing.

Unless you are paying unimaginable attention, your mind and time are occupied away from recognizing what is essential but goes unnoticed….

life pull you down

The Scenario…How You let Life Pull You Down

You didn’t get the promotion. Your boss barks at you, your colleague snaps a snarky reply. You are feeling disenchanted, unhappy, dissatisfied…then your phone chimes. It ‘s happy hour on social media. You (distractedly) add your two cents then move on to what’s next. The frustration you felt moments ago gets buried. You let life pull you down.

The result is a cumulative build-up of negative conditioning. Frustrations, disappointments, little let downs and minuscule barbs weigh on you, influence your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Negative conditioning, once planted has a toxic effect on your life.

Imagine how this is repeated over twenty years or so and throughout the human population. This collective negativity is a life force that is hard to recognize and hard to pull away from.  

BUT it’s in your power to change things!

The Cure

Here are 5 ways to combat the tendency to let life pull you down 

  1. Know that it takes understanding, insight, awareness, and a keen sense to notice what goes unnoticed. Remember, every person has ~60,000 thoughts per day, 80% of which are negative and 90% are completely repetitive. Notice the negativity in the world, in others, in you. Not to judge and condemn, just notice for your own growth and awareness. Ahhhh…. there it is!
  2. Recognize that negative conditioning is occurring and take initiative. Invest in yourself daily to heighten your awareness, combat complacency, create momentum and lead yourself. Use your energy to compensate or even better, drive your own conditioning toward the positive, affirming direction, the direction you are going!
  3. Read books, magazines and articles as a way to grow your thinking. Stimulate, inspire, feed and condition yourself away from the negative and toward what is possible and positive thoughts. Read biographies of those who have demonstrated the skills and strengths you admire. Create a new story for yourself and live that.
  4. Study the habits of achievers, those who have accomplished the way you would like to. Don’t just admire but emulate what you see them doing. It takes momentum and drive to change your habits from complacency to proactivity……..from reacting to life to creating the life you want to live.
  5. Remember that this is the real education of life— Awareness, Understanding and Insight. Push your increase of knowledge toward what is real, essential and yet hidden in plain sight, surrounding and influencing you incessantly.You have to remind yourself to wake up and turn the autopilot off. Shake yourself out of complacency. Become so in tune and aware that when you bend to life’s stimuli you’re doing so with full awareness and on your terms. 

Negativity is like the water that surrounds a fish. It will find you without any effort on your part. If you want something else…say growth, productivity or achievement, it takes extra effort on your part to find it and make it part of your life.

Remember, this takes daily effort not the occasional view.

Your task: Out energize the negative conditioning.

Become stronger, more powerful and more resourceful. When what is inside of you is stronger than the negative conditioning outside of you. You are on your way, keep going!


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