How To Make Reading A Habit

Make Reading A HabitI have a suggestion for you that will change your life. Make reading a habit. It’s fundamental to your growth, achievement and well, overall success. The wealth you gain when you Make Reading a Habit is so far reaching that describing it only serves to coral or limit the benefits.

The wealthiest people in the world—people such as Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates have worked to Make Reading a Habit.  Know this fact…86% of them love to read, 63% listen to audiobooks and a whopping 88% of them read at least 30 minutes each day.

Wishes, Thoughts, Ideas

Early on I was motivated to be recognized as a reader more than garnering knowledge. I wanted to be known as a reader mostly to just say, I read that book. I wanted to appear intelligent and well read. Through sheer force and indomitable willpower, I read some of the classics like The Great Gatsby and Gulliver’s Travels but was clearly missing the value and the point to it all.

I Finally Realized to Grow Consistently I MUST Make Reading A Habit

It wasn’t until after graduate school that I realized formal education would earn you a living and get you a career. But if you wanted to grow and distinguish yourself from the herd, increase you value, raise your contribution, expand your influence and increase your impact, self-education through books was the only way to go.

Books became my best friends. Books counterbalance the negativity and the energy drains of life. At 4:00AM when the world is resting but your mind won’t, books have the power to console, replenish and inspire. When you feel resistance, when you’re reluctant and weak, unsure you can do it, books hold uplifting energy in their pages.

Make Reading A Habit

Beyond Wishing

You and only you can change and Make Reading a Habit. To move beyond old, ill-fitting habits that no longer match who you are and build new habits to serve the person you’re becoming, takes more than a mere wish. When you finally decide that you are ready to get serious about separating yourself from the herd, START by reading.

How To Make Reading a Habit

  • Start with books that you like, that you find easy and don’t want to put down. Get some successes under your belt. Read a bunch of short, easy books and save the harder books for after you build the stamina, focus and skill. Yes, you build the ability to read.
  • Set a reading limit (pages or time) and stick to it. This is how you build stamina, strength and focus…one small step at a time. Small daily wins like keeping promises to yourself compound (as in interest) and add momentum to your efforts every day. You’re building momentum that feeds your growing skills. You are expanding your learning and making yourself more valuable. Don’t complain that reading is hard make yourself stronger.
  • Start small and pay close attention how the small efforts make you feel, note the pay off. In addition to extended long-term payoff, this is one habit that also pays off immediately. Right away you feel an increase in your self-confidence and your self-image. Appreciate these early successes you’ve created.
  • Make reading work for you. Take books, magazines, articles, your iPad, Nook, (any reading material) with you everywhere you go. Don’t rely on the doctor’s office to have decent reading material that will engage you. Bring your reading with you.
  • Recognize the reward of how you are growing and learning. Notice how you see what you read about unfold in the real world. Distill the messages from the reading down and make the connections.

Make Reading A Habit

Make Reading A Habit and Spur Continual Movement Forward

As with any skill make small incremental changes to continually increase your reading capacity. Grow your reading skills the same way you increase resistance in the gym to grow muscles. Add more time and pages to your limit (above). Read more complex material and…become an even better reader.

Create a system for reading that serves you. Have books placed everywhere in your house. Make them within easy reach no matter where you sit. The more reading you do you’ll notice that the effort you put in supports your desire. You’ll also notice that the habit you worked hard to define and create ends up defining and creating you.

As Charles C. Noble said, “First we make our habits, then our habits make us.”

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