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Management is the New Leadership

Management is the New Leadership. Are you asking why management is so hard? Nothing is easy today. This new context for managers is more complex, ambiguous and fraught with deep-rooted challenges.

Maybe you’ve tried to make a difference. You have tried to be the change everyone wants to see but it’s hard to stand so tall for so long all by yourself.

Management is the New Leadership

At least now with that experience you have a sense of what it will take to make a difference on a permanent basis. Now you are ready to make each day productive, to use each day to create daily progress and to build long-term momentum.

This isn’t about brilliance. It’s about common sense, a plan and a disciplined approach, going deeper and investing at the level of cause—addressing the root of these modern-day, pervasive challenges.

The bar has been quietly raised on managers and now it’s time for managers to raise their own bar.

Start With YOU.

This effort begins with recognizing that traditional training and traditional leadership development hasn’t changed anything. You must see that it’s management’s reaction to the daily deluge of problems that is in your power to change. You can’t change other people and bringing anger to already aggressive employee situations only makes things worse.

You can begin to influence people and lead them to a new level of performance with increased finesse, using influence and persuasion, involving them, giving ownership, the ability to contribute like never before and creating extraordinary results.

Pause and check what you are bringing to the context before you address the situation. Approach all team member encounters with composure and the manager’s perspective–the elevated view of getting things done through others. Know and manage your mood before others see it.

Download my paper and let me know what you think. I appreciate your comments.

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