Management is the New Leadership Part II

The New Leadership

Are you asking why management is so hard? You probably noticed that nothing is easy today. Angry, more complex issues, and more combative employees have increased the uncertainty at work. Better management is needed more than ever… Management is the new leadership.

This new normal adds more stress and confusion for managers. The deep-rooted challenges we face have little to do with the typical training that is available.  

If what you have tried left you feeling overwhelmed or lost, you’re not alone. These deep-rooted, modern-day challenges have little to do with classic training or the functions of management.

Maybe you’ve tried to make a difference, to be the change we all want to see, but it’s harder than ever to stand for so long all by yourself in today’s world.

So, where do managers begin? 

Management is the New Leadership

We can’t manage like we used to. We used to keep personal feelings, opinions, and emotions out of the workplace. As workers’ needs change and people bring more raw emotions—their authentic selves to work, managers need to reinvent.

Managers need to facilitate and support employees to bring their authentic selves to work and allow for personal expression while managing interpersonal dynamics and maintaining civility.

The lines of home life and work-life have blurred, and we see more real human drama on the surface in public, and it shows up at work more than ever before. People are no longer willing to divide and compartmentalize who they are.

People come to work as their whole-self, which creates new problems (especially in the Knowledge Age). Organizations and management are based on the 20th-century industrial management model, where people are typically managed as things. 

We can no longer manage people like things.  Today we lead people. To maximize our efforts, we need managers to become leaders and capitalize on workers’ strengths, talents, knowledge, and ideas.

This isn’t about brilliance. It’s about common sense, a plan, and a disciplined approach, to go deeper and to invest at the level of cause. 

Start With YOU.

This effort begins with recognizing that traditional training and traditional leadership is not enough. You must see that how management reacts can either soothe and heal or add to the chaos.

Using position power, command/control or bringing anger to already elevated employee situations only creates more problems.

You can begin developing new skills to influence and lead people allowing expression while establishing boundaries. Every employee must develop the skills to take responsibility. 

This is more creative than any workplace has ever been.   

Managers and employees must pause and check what they are bringing to the conversation before addressing the situation. 

Approach all encounters with composure and the Mindful Manager’s perspective–the elevated view fully aware there are feelings and emotions.

Know and manage your mood before others see it.


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