The Mindful Manager

The Mindful Manager

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Are you frustrated that all the leadership and management training you’ve tried only provided minimal results, the status quo, what you already have?

You’re not alone. You may have noticed, there’s a lot of manager training available but real improvement is rare.

What trainers won’t tell you is management requires more depth than following a cookbook.

Today’s managers can’t be successful just following a model, or a flow chart recipe. To solve pervasive workplace problems that plague managers, we need to have advanced “cooking skills,” more art than science.

The good news is these advanced mindfulness skills can be learned and mastered to produce business results.

Become a Mindful Manager

Take the skills and experience your managers have to the next level with a Mindful Manager development program.

Mindfulness has been called education par excellence. The one preeminent skill to improve your management as problems occur in real time.  

Research and experience have shown outstanding results such as: increased job satisfaction, reduction in stress and burnout, lower turnover rates and employee engagement. On an individual basis, mindful managers have demonstrated increases in memory capacity as well as tighter focus on the affairs of day-to-day management. 

Mindful managers know how to maximize their skills and employ the training they’ve received from a new deeper foundation of awareness, attention and focus.   

The reason I know mindfulness works is because I’ve seen the results in my personal experience that comes from inside the subject, not as an academic or researcher but an average manager working on the front lines, developing in the trenches–working everyday and becoming an above average mindful manager.  

Begin today with my free white-paper where I share my experience and show the steps you can take right now to begin the powerful journey becoming a mindful manager.

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