Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 11, 2021 – Turn The Page to 2021

Turn The PageWe were so ready to turn the page on 2020. Six days into the clean slate of a new year, it happened.

You can say, “this is not who we are.” People can say anything.

The gut-punch: this is who we are, and this is our world. The one that we observed burning last year or so but now recognize had been smoldering for a long time.

It’s perhaps more accurate to say what happened in our Nation’s Capitol is not who we want to be.

The opportunity to turn the page lies in making who we want to be a priority, what is possible, not what we were.

What is possible for America and humanity?

Everyone has the potential to be:

  • Strong but not rude.
  • Kind but not weak.
  • Bold, but not a bully.
  • Humble but not timid.
  • Proud but not arrogant.
  • In control but not commanding.

I’ll never forget the ‘Turn The Page’  training I did for a hotel group in Maryland. One of the breakfast hostesses said, “no one ever taught me how to be civil.”  

It starts with each one of us. We can all learn to clear the slate each day. Drop the baggage–forgive, forget and climb upward.

  • Can you forgive someone (including yourself) as a step to clean the slate?
  • Can you admit you may have been wrong and make it right?
  • Can you let someone who has been excluded in?

Where do we learn how to deal with anger? Where do we learn how to deal with frustrations and strong emotions?  

It’s a muscle we build. Think about how exercise makes life difficult for the physical body, and the body copes by becoming stronger. 

Mental and emotional toughness operate on the same principle. Why would they be any different?

With most profound reverence, love, and hope………Coach Brian