Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 12, 2015

Encouraging Action

Today’s focus: Start. Here in early 2015 I’m encouraging action and today’s memo is how to start.

First have the conversation:
Look into the mirror and have an open, honest conversation with yourself to unveil
 the truth, the reality of where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow and the gap, what needs to be done or what is stopping you or holding you back.

Today This is the gap, the area to apply action Tomorrow (improved)

Next come to terms with your goal.  How hard will it be to implement the improvement you desire? I often see unrealistic goals like going from TV remote expert to entering the Iron Man Triathlon. Save this kind of thing for Homer Simpson and adjust your goal to something you can live with and stick with.
Walking everyday, reading one book per month, writing 1-hour everyday are all good starting goals.

Start. Starting is just the beginning. As you get into action notice what creates resistance to action. The excuses that come up; know that this is common and happens to everyone. The people that succeed push past the resistance and excuses and actually stay with it until breakthrough.

Support and Inspiration: I recommend starting small—big transformations come from small initial steps. Keep in mind all oak trees (the mightiest of trees) start out as a small acorn. The slow and steady growth upward of the oak is never in doubt. That same innate determination is part of your nature too. Don’t try to break records or qualify for the Olympics just grow a little at a time.

Growth comes only from investment and when you invest, the one who benefits most is in the mirror.