Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 14, 2019 – Making a Difference

make a differenceEveryone has the potential to make a difference.

We can’t always see clearly our own ability to be the difference that we all want to see. Thoughts, reductive language and labels we commonly attach to things, people and events tend to flatten, deaden and make our life experiences seem meaningless. Life sometimes drags us down and deadens our energy and enthusiasm.

Even when we don’t feel that we are soaring to the heights we would like, our potential never changes….it’s always there!

YOU can make a difference.

Hundreds of thousands of starfish were stranded on shore after a rapid drop in tide and a young boy walked along tossing the starfish back into the water. An old man approached the boy and asked what are you doing?

The boy replied I’m throwing stranded starfish back into the sea. The sun will dry them out and they will die if I don’t help. The old man said that’s a nice gesture but there are hundreds of thousands starfish. I have to tell you that you may not make much difference.

As the young boy bent down, picked up another starfish and pitched it as far as he could into the sea he smiled broadly and said, it made a difference to that one!


So on this note please accept a free offer to take my new course that just went live. It is titled, Not Your Father’s Leadership: New Strategies for Managers and Supervisors to Enable Employees to Offer Their Best.   

You don’t have to be a manager or a supervisor and no previous skill or knowledge is required. As mentioned above, everyone has the potential to make a difference.

I only ask that you please leave a rating. Classes with ratings receive more exposure….

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