Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 16, 2017 – Attitude

ApproachAttitude is Everything

It is often said, “attitude is everything.” Attitude is certainly a factor but it is not everything. Your entire Approach is the major determining factor.

  • Attitude alone won’t change facts.
  • Attitude cannot substitute for experience or competence.
  • Attitude cannot substitute for action.
  • Attitude is not mindset.


What attitude can do for you is:

  • Make the difference in your Approach to life. Our performance matches our expectations. It is virtually impossible to perform contrary to expectations.
  • Make or break your success and your relationships. A negative attitude is just as contagious as the common cold, smiling or yawning.
  • Influence how you face challenges, your resolve and the belief you have in yourself.

Life is a canvas, attitude is the paint. What matters is how You the artist Approaches the canvas.

Will you work with what you have or will you have the attitude it is what it is and conform? Use your energy to change the situation not describe it. Work with what you have right in front of you to create more, better, faster, smarter and make the world better.

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