Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 19, 2015

One Man

In light of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2015 (MLK) I feel compelled to talk about the power of one man.
The MLK Holiday is one of my favorites because early in a new year I’m called out to remember to keep the dream alive. Even though our default, normal everyday life shows us otherwise. One man gave us his legacy of always having the dream in our sights. No matter what, don’t let anyone tell you you’re dreaming too big, too much, you’re too naive, gullible or you need to “get real.”

The people who tell you not to dream, scheme, and plan lost their dream, they don’t have a purpose. Do not allow them to take yours.

It’s always possible for us to make a difference:

  • A simple smile for the barista who serves you
  • A forgiving nod to the driver who just cut you off
  • Give a little grace or space to a coworker having a bad morning
  • Offer a thank you and well wishes for the gas pump attendant
  • Yield to the person trying to cut in line

The difference that is always possible is how you navigate the beauty and struggle of everyday life—not perfection but managing the imperfection. Brian Braudis   

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