Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 20, 2014-Today’s focus, Nature

Force of Nature

Today’s focus, Nature: The Force of Nature overwhelms us with power. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes and thunderstorms—these energies literally shake the Earth.

Nature also offers inspiration on personal growth, evolution and success

  • Patience: It can take billions of years for a diamond to form. No worries! Nature has a plan and inevitably it will work.
  • Growth, adaptation and evolution: In the face of climate change and sea level rise right here in Atlantic County entire communities of organisms both plant and animal are moving—right now, and adapting to new conditions and surroundings.
  • Trust the process: Nature ensures everything will unfold naturally. You can’t force a plant to grow.
  • Resiliency: Only 4 months after molten lava destroyed all life at Mount Saint Helens an ant colony was documented at the site.
  • Imperfection: All of Nature is naturally imperfect, you could say, imperfectly perfect.
  • Balance: Nature is inherently balanced.

Fitz Roy

You don’t need to travel to Fitz Roy to witness the power and inspiration of Nature. Your back yard, a trail in a local park, discovery awaits you.

Trust that the intelligence behind Nature is also behind you, your life and your business.

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