Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 26, 2015

Gloom Doom

In light of the upcoming “hyper-media covered” snow storm, I’ll discuss perspective or Gloom Doom…depending on your input.

Our teenaged children’s perspective of the storm is “fantastic, why can’t it start on Monday,” the classic WIIFM-what’s in it for me, be served perspective.

Our adult perspective is ugh!!! The grocery stores, driving to work, will all the events be cancelled, etc…. A Serving perspective.

It really is how you look at things. That doesn’t mean either perspective is right. Keep in mind this perspective. “It’s no use working hard to get ahead in this economy, I might as well just collect as much welfare and unemployment and do as little as possible.” This Gloom Doom perspective does more than cast a shadow. Your DNA hears everything that you say.

It’s Personal

The point is perspective is personal. Beliefs are just that—beliefs. They may or may not be facts. We can spin ourselves in despair or triumph depending on our perspective. That’s why knowing yourself is so valuable….you know when your buttons are being pushed.  You know when your in need of replenishment, reinvigoration, or a reboot.

So take it from someone who has done it, the instructor who crossed the crevasse, cruised the slope, and skated on the frozen lake safely.

Self investment leads to self-improvement that actually improves self. This belief like so many others is a prophecy just as self-fulfilling as all the others.

  • Character can be changed
  • You can become thinner, stronger, and healthier
  • It’s possible to become smarter
  • It’s within your reach to become an entrepreneur
  • You can become a leader

If you believe that action will not create the change you desire then you probably won’t even try. Then you are right. But again that’s your personal belief, not a fact. It would be too bad though if we miss out on your contribution.

My belief is, “Question every assumption about human potential and human performance…everybody else is not you!”