Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 27, 2014-Today’s focus, Leadership

Today’s focus, Leadership: Why don’t we have better leadership?

Perhaps a look under the surface of leadership will reveal some answers to why there isn’t better leadership.
All the training in the world cannot hide who we are, at least not for very long.  For example, if you’re a weak basketball player but tell others you’re great, in very short order your lack of prowess will be revealed. On the other hand, whether you are actually a congruent leader of high standards is not readily apparent.
But when things get tough, as they are inclined to do, our real agendas, mantras and flaws will “leak out.” We simply cannot out-perform our character.  Character defines who we are before we lead.
If we are to be a good leader we must first be a good person.  The individual is the instrument of leadership. To bring about better leadership, we must first develop the instrument. If we miss this, we will spend our time futilely working on the symptom not the problem.

Remember leadership is not just about executive, managerial and supervisory. We all lead our lives personally. We touch others and change the world, one person at a time through our leadership.

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