Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 27, 2020 – An Uneasy Life: The Way of Transformation

The thing that I am asked most about is struggle. “My coworkers don’t like me. My boss is passive-aggressive, and I feel he’s out to get me. People frown, roll their eyes, and grumble silently when I talk during meetings.”

How does one contribute, progress, and begin to enjoy work in this environment of rejection and unqualified, if not baffling, hatred?


You need to have an accurate view and knowledge of humans, a more in-depth understanding of why people do what they do. If you go back to Biblical times, you’ll see the same behaviors that you are experiencing.

The Book of Exodus gives one a radicle view of the human condition. As soon as the Israelites were freed of hundreds of years of slavery, they complained, grumbled, wanted to go back, hated where they were. They grumbled just as readily about being free as they did in bondage. Looking a little deeper, you could say that freedom didn’t happen when slavery ended. It wasn’t where they were physically that had them in bondage. Circumstances don’t create our experiences.

Reinhold Niebuhr said, “Man is his own central problem.” We can surmise, people are capricious and fallible and, at the same time, good. Most everyone is a mixture of good and evil.


You need to develop the strength to continue no matter what people say or do. Follow your own direction without relying on accolades, praise or the approval of others. Recognize the impulsive and weak nature of people and don’t let life (people) pull you down.

The common element in the ability to see and appreciate the goodness of the simple, seemingly small things is contentment. Many people like the Israelites, bosses, and coworkers lack the ability to access or enjoy contentment. They spin and restlessly wait for something significant to happen.

Still, Nietzsche summed it up correctly—how little suffices for happiness. How little it takes to transform from Uneasy to Easy.