Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 4, 2021 – Happy New Year & Happy New You

Happy New YouHappy New You? 2020 was a tumultuous year, and experts are warning there will be more pandemics, more struggle, more pain and suffering head, as if we needed to be told.

It obvious that we were unprepared for 2020. The anger, confusion, and chaos we see happening in the streets—and on social media sites is an outer manifestation of our inner turmoil, magnified collectively.


How can we use today, this climate as an opportunity for a Happy New You? How do we evolve, become stronger, more peace-filled, more present?

Our worldly ambitions and competitiveness—relying on our nature’s external side is not working in our best interest. Exclusive focus on resume building makes us cold, competitive, shrewd, and clever.

We are learning the significance of our state of consciousness, mindfulness or, self-realization in our efforts to change. No matter what word you use to describe our spiritual Nature, a transformation begins at the inner level. Without it, change will not happen. We will (as it’s been demonstrated) create modified versions of the same world repeatedly.

Realizations to help you transform

  • You are not a means to some end.
  • You are not a set of skills to be maxed out.
  • You are not your little, conditioned mind.
  • You are a Soul to be refined.

There is a depth, a dimension in you beyond anything you can imagine in this world.

To grow physically, we stress and make life difficult for the body. The body copes by becoming stronger. It’s the same way with the Soul. Coping with the difficulties of 2020 can make you stronger at the core.

Three steps to a Happy New Year and Happy New You

  1. Begin a stillness practice to feel and exercise your Soul. Develop spaciousness.A neglected inner life incapacitates our outer life. We are  unprepared, or we don’t have the space to give that much to our children, others, or the world.
  2. Pay attention to Soul crushers, seemingly trivial thoughts that are insidious. “You’re not good enough.” Avoid harboring guilt. Somehow, many people believe they are not deserving.
  3. Anger and outbursts are often just biology. Our evolutionary past gave us a brain that is designed to search for danger constantly. But in our modern times, it can become continuously over stimulated.

If you are feeling unsafe, threatened by lack of belonging, or disrespected—all biological human needs, you may act out based on subconscious drives in unhelpful ways.

Core strength that frees us from darkness and woe comes from the Soul, but it’s not inevitable. You must work at it. You can’t steer a stationary ship so find what resonates and go with it.

He who conquers his own Soul is greater than he who taketh a city.” Stephen Ambrose—in Eisenhower Soldier and President

Welcome to 2021, Happy New Year…. Happy New You!