Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 5, 2015

Self Renew

Today’s focus: renewal.  It’s easy to understand why we should self renew when we are struggling and the current situation is not working. But what about when things are going well?

Seeking out self-renewal when things are going well is often overlooked because the formula is a winner and things are working. This is known as the “deception of success.” We think it’s over; we’ve arrived, when in fact we have just begun. Here are some examples where early renewal could have spawned an improved destiny.


  • GM could have renewed 20 years ago, heck 10 years probably would have avoided the bailout.
  • Kodak could have not missed the explosive shift to digital photography if they had been looking for ways to renew and remain competitive.
  • The Swiss watchmaking industry missed the “quartz revolution” by their narrow view of traditional mechanical watchmaking.

Here are 4 reasons to consider broadening your view early in 2015:

  • The world is changing whether you can see it or not. Customer’s taste change, employer needs change, competition changes, and the value individuals contribute to the market is always changing.
  • Counting on the status quo to treat you well now is ok but counting on it to serve you well in the future is delusional.
  • Options are the most satisfying thing to have in your “toolkit” especially when there’s a downturn.
  • Getting older isn’t as hard to take if you’ve been engaged in self-renewal because instead of older you’re more valuable.

Renewal is not about a complete overhaul or a 180° shift. It’s more about being open minded to taking a look, exploring new ideas, evolving and growing in wisdom and maturity.

Longevity is directly linked to renewal.