Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 6, 2014

Self Confidence

More and more leaders, entrepreneurs and clients tell me self confidence is situational. They feel self assured at a dinner party and shy and shrinking when meeting with potential investors.

For Leaders/Entrepreneurs Confidence is Essential:

  • You are expected to initiate difficult conversations.
  • It’s your job to hold team members accountable.
  • Team members and followers look to leaders for decisive, confident direction.
  • It’s all of our jobs to add value and help others when called on.

Self-growth, skill and proficiency improvement breed confidence. Competence breeds confidence.

Here are three tangible ways to build confidence:

  • Recognizing a lack of confidence is an opportunity to work toward a solution! It may seem counterintuitive but accepting your perceived weak areas rather than suppressing or trying to hide them can serve as the first step toward improvement.
  • Challenge yourself to work on a weak area and take small steps. Celebrate milestones, analyze results, try again and keep going.
  • Embrace discomfort while keeping your aim on the goal of increased confidence. Take comfort that confidence is built over time but once you have it, anchors like concrete because you have earned it.

Confidence comes from improvement. Improvement only enters through one door, the door of change.