Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: January 9, 2017 – Personal Mastery

Coaching Conversations

In my last Morning Memo
I shared what has recently overwhelmingly predominated my coaching conversations. People feel pushed down.

  • This is not where I planned on being at my age.
  • I start my day off strong; ready to change the world but my strength and resolve dwindles and I run out of energy too quickly.
  • Happiness and fulfillment is temporary… too short lived.

Looking deeper we can see these outside forces are SYMPTOMS… symptoms that life is directing are reacting to life. And the next question is……

What happened? Why do I feel lost in the wilderness? Why do I lose energy and give up? Why am I not where I want to be? What is the antidote?

So here we are ….we know the symptoms only too well—external life pushes us down, robs us of our strength and confidence. We become frustrated, angry. We feel humiliated and small because we should be moving forward.

The road diverged into two. Will you be overtaken and pulled off-track by external demoralization, exhaustion, and the opinions of others? Or will you overcome, do what is necessary to become stronger, more resourceful, more triumph and make all your steps forward steps?

Start With YOU

It Starts With YOU…you are the instrument.  Discover your purpose, find your target and aim for it….but it takes more than a cursory effort. Merely reading one book and passing judgment on what it said will not help you. What you need is continual progress, continual improvement. What will help you is entering on the path to Personal Mastery.

Personal Mastery is the ability to create the results you want..…you continually improve on the ability to develop and reach your full potential—deep down what only you know you are capable of. 

Develop the Personal Mastery to powerfully shift from:

  • Self-help to mastery; you aren’t in need of help, you are becoming masterful
  • Following along to leading you life.
  • Working on yourself to investing in yourself.
  • Floundering around like an amateur to a deliberate focus on improvement like a professional.

When what is inside you is more profound, has more clarity and is more powerful than what is on the outside you are on the path of Personal Mastery.