Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: October 1, 2018 – Where to Start

Where to StartIn our last Newsletter we talked about process and I received an email from a reader saying that applying “process” to all of life was too broad and he didn’t know where to start. So let’s talk about that.

If you are feeling that applying this process to all of life is too broad and you need a more narrowed or tighter defined field, I recommend focusing on a weak area or something you’ve always wanted to do. Or something you know will help you without a doubt….that’s where to start!

I combined these last two. I always wanted to be an amateur athlete on my terms and I always wanted to be an avid reader—not just say I read that book but actually read it and be able to discuss the material.  Both of those habits, deeply developed helped me to master life.

Remember…Formal education will help you get a career; self-education will liberate you from all of life’s modern-day challenges.

Here are the details.

A workout will always change your energy, lift your mood and inspire and energize you to do more. Talk to any coach and they will tell you to move your body to shift your mood and spark new energy.

While exercising, great ideas about how to move forward will pop into your head. There’s no room for negativity here. I’ve never had a negative thought during a workout.

Books will counterbalance the negativity, the rejection and the energy drains of life. At 4:00AM when the world is resting but your mind won’t, books have the power to console, replenish and inspire.

When you feel resistance, when you’re reluctant and weak, unsure you can do it, books hold uplifting energy in their pages. President Lincoln said, books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very far off after all. In other words books can not only give you new ideas they can show you that you are on the right track with your current thinking and approaches.

These efforts will permeate into your life and influence everything you do. The other thing to remember is to stay with it.

The upward process never ends…Bill Gates recently said, Well I’m still learning, I don’t say that’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard anymore. I’ve learned that it stifles creativity. Bill Gates is around 62 years old and by him admitting that, he is pointing to the process—he’s always learning it truly never ends!

You might be saying, well, Gates is a genius…Maybe, but recently actor, Mark Wahlberg was given credit and awe for his transformation. He dropped out of high school and did time in jail as a felon. When he got out he transformed his life. Young people were inspired by his story and they asked him how he stays with his new life and he sad it’s a process. I work at it everyday. You already knew that from our last Memo!

Wahlberg obviously gave some deep thought to his life and subsequently made intentional choices along with considerable effort. You could say he stopped reacting to life and started living his life now from a creative viewpoint rather than a reactive viewpoint. For Wahlberg it was a re-start.

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