Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: October 10, 2016 – Start With You

Become more resourceful. Always in pursuit of those who have done it. The achievers who grow, change, beat the odds and succeed thrill me. So I recently read how Michael Phelps transformed from a Gold Medal Olympic athlete to the record-breaking, mind-blowing, most decorated Olympian of all time. It wasn’t pretty but it was full of learning, good examples of what to avoid and what to do.

Good but Uninspired

Phelps was good; he competed well. He won some gold. After some success he partied hard. His coaches said, sometimes you would see his passion other times not. Sometimes he just felt like skipping training and he did. We knew he could be more but until he saw it and wanted it, we couldn’t make him reach for his full potential.

You could say Phelps was caught in a success trap, successful but not as successful as he could be…not reaching his full potential.

What does the guy who has everything need to reach his full potential? Phelps didn’t need money and competing just to get sponsors back was a shallow motive at best.

Good to Greatest

Phelps finally convinced his coaches (through his actions) that he was serious about a comeback.

What was the “secret sauce” that led to Phelps beating the odds as the oldest swimmer to win individual gold and become the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time?

There was no new magical training regimen. There were no “super supplements.”

Phelps worked on himself. He stopped listening to himself and began talking to himself. He brought a new purpose and an improved perspective to his already well-defined training. He tightened his focus and trained, recovered, rested all while cultivating  personal well-being.

Everything is in place waiting. What could you do if you just started with YOU? If you became more resourceful, if you didn’t scorn what was available and worked with what you have right now…what could you do?

Don’t hope and pray life gets easier,,,make yourself better, faster, stronger, more resourceful…