Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: October 12, 2015 – Today’s focus: Watch the Tape


Today’s Coaching: Watch the Tape. As I have mentioned in the past, I pay close attention to the leadership of Pete Carroll, Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks. As I watched the video for the post Bengals, game Carroll said, “I’ve got to watch the tape” meaning he has to preview what happened before he comments.  Preview and practice are essential–if they weren’t the players could just show up on game day.

Brilliant! Shouldn’t we all go back and preview or watch the tape? Step back and analyze our patterns of success, see where we have a pattern of avoidance, fear….or patterns of distraction and procrastination?

We play the game everyday, are we trying to move forward not knowing what’s on the tape? Do we know our patterns, our strengths? Do we know where we might be letting ourselves down?

I encourage you to begin this week. Write down where you want to go, how you plan to get there and begin reflecting (preview the tape) on what you’ve done each day to bring your goals and dreams to life.

By writing down your goals and dreams and looking back on your actions you can easily determine if you are acting like someone who will be successful in realizing goals and fulfilling dreams…Carpe Diem!