Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: October 12, 2020 – Stay Strong When Uncertainty is Everywhere

Stay Strong When Uncertainty is Everywhere

Looking to stay strong when uncertainty is everywhere, I tuned into the John Lennon 80th ‘birthdaycast’ celebration and found a lot of similarities with what is going on today.

  • Protests about Vietnam
  • Human rights demonstrations
  • People crying when Nixon won the election

What makes today different (worse) is the need to isolate oneself at home. The uncertainty of when the pandemic may end looms like heavy cloud cover over all the other chaos and disruption we’re experiencing.

Friends, clients and colleagues tell me they feel weak and vulnerable. They are struggling to maintain some sense of feeling grounded or predictability.

What you focus on, micro choices can help you feel grounded and create predictability. This may seem too planned out or artificial, but experience and researcher show us that that the mind resists big changes.

Think about when you had a flash of inspiration, to start a diet, working out or a New Year Resolution, all great ideas but the hard push of no-pain, no-gain makes it easier to quit than to persist.

Here are 6 Microsteps that are working for my clients, friends and colleagues helping all to stay strong when uncertainty is everywhere

  1. Slow down. Insert pauses into your day. Breathe. Pay attention to your breath. Notice that your breathing is managed by some internal, unseen power other than you. Wow, that’s deep!
  2. Since the gym is closed or at least a scary, unsafe place, workout in your basement, your garage or just walk. My clients and friends have been using bands as an alternative to strength training. Bands and a good pair of exercise shoes, what else do you need to just do it?
  3. Make a predictable meal schedule (anticipation is half the fun) salad, sushi, whatever you like make a plan, like every Thursday is pasta day.
  4. Watch something inspirational. I recommend David Attenborough-A Life on Our Planet. It’s not only inspirational you come away with things (larger than you) you can do to improve life on our planet
  5. Read. If you’re not a reader, try 10-minutes reading anything. Yes, comic books are reading material so is the Parade… Don’t punish yourself, enjoyment is the goal.
  6. Try meditation, yoga, or a stillness practice. Explore your Self,  same as above..

The one for sure is uncertainty is temporary. We make it so.