Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: October 16, 2017 – Entrepreneurship

I went to a fast-paced workshop for entrepreneurs that promised no nonsense problem solving and ideation. The speakers were high energy and knowledgeable. It was different to mingle and dialog more than listening to speeches or monologues. I worked hard to listen and I noticed an obvious distinction in the energies of workshop leaders and participants.

Advice from the workshop leaders:

  • You should always be learning. Knowledge is the biggest competitive advantage.
  • Listening is underrated. When surveyed, Larry Page, Bill Gates and others, say listening skills featured 92% of the time in revealing their main strengths.
  • We suggest you work smarter and harder.
  • Get in the best physical condition of your life.
  • Have fun!

As we sat around the table, went to lunch and casually talked here is the sentiment I noted from the participants.

  • Entrepreneurship is too hard today. It feels like someone put sand in the gears.
  • I haven’t had a drink in 11 years but feel more tempted today than ever.
  • The economy is unstable and the Country is in upheaval. I need more than a workshop.
  • I don’t know what physical condition has to do with entrepreneurship.
  • I’ve been working so hard on my business I feel like I lost some of my smarts!
  • My wife says I should get a job.

Some think they can take on anything and others think they can’t take anymore.

The distinctions between the two mindsets were dramatic. I believe it has to do with conditioning. We reflect what we are exposed to. Spend 3 days at a Buddhist retreat and you’ll come out calm, open and deeply spiritual. If you spend time with entrepreneurs you will undoubtedly believe in entrepreneurship. That’s what the workshop leaders had. They believed.

The participants were influenced by energy outside of entrepreneur circles. They were far away from the entrepreneurial mindset.

At bottom what I took away was, entrepreneurship requires daily attention not the occasional look.