Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: October 19, 2015 – Today’s focus: Happiness


Today’s Coaching: Happy. Research continues to show that we have the capacity to influence our experiences through our interpretation of events. It is just as Henry Ford said so long ago. “If you think you can and if you think you can’t you’re right.”

Harvard Psychologist Dan Gilbert said on the Ted Radio Hour we have the capacity to change our view of the world we find ourselves in and manufacture a happy experience. It’s legitimate and qualitatively equal to “real” happiness. “We have a psychological immune system but we don’t seem to know it. We can get happiness by reframing events.”


We see this reframe example all the time. People who have had difficult, troubled lives but interpret the dysfunction as the catalyst that made them seekers—–they pursued self-realization.

Their view: Temporary inconvenience, permanent improvement.

  • Wayne Dyer grew up moving from foster home to orphanages but never considered it a difficulty.
  • Pete Best is happy that he did not spend his musical career as a Beatle, said he wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Bruce Springsteen thanks his father for the strained relationship and difficult childhood he experienced.

A significant part of happiness or unhappiness is in our hands. Turns out, the amount of happiness we experience has to do with how we frame the events of our lives. “We have within us the capacity to manufacture the very commodity we are constantly chasing when we choose experience.” Dan Gilbert.