Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: October 2, 2017 – A New Beginning

Summer has come to an end but in reality it is actually a New Beginning. Fall 2017 is here! It’s important that we recognize that life is a series of not endings but new beginnings. Each season must end and with an end is always an opportunity for renewal, revitalization and reinvention.

Believing otherwise is a stance of weakness that creates anxiety and fear. Remember, anxiety is not real. It’s the threat of a threat. Your mind is creating  fear around what might happen if…… You simply can’t operate effectively in the face of anxiety.

When something is ending and you feel anxious, take a pause and breathe. Examine what is really going on in a literal, factual sense.

YOU are equipped with the largest, most powerful, most creative and most imaginative brain capacity in all of Nature. Shift to a more powerful stance where you are acting on your thoughts rather than your thoughts acting on you. Intercept those thoughts of anxiety, weakness and fear. Don’t allow mere thoughts to turn into beliefs.

Lead your thinking. Change your thoughts to what you know for sure.

Find the real evidence that will calm your anxiety and build trust that a new beginning is what’s next for you.

For example, this weekend it got really dark for this caterpillar that was comfortable foraging in our yard for weeks. It appeared to be the end but it was actually a beautiful new beginning.

New Beginning

Summer has ended but fall holds new beginnings.