Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: October 20, 2014-Today’s focus: How to win

Today’s Coaching: How to win. If you’ve been paying attention to baseball you know the Kansas City Royals are in the World Series as a result of an unlikely and unprecedented set of playoff wins that are nothing more than a series of cumulative Small Wins.

It is significant enough that they won after 29 years of postseason famine. The attractiveness however that has drawn the attention of America is how they won.

Kansas plays a nostalgic baseball sometimes called “small ball.” They win not by hitting homeruns but by making it around the bases–small wins that accumulate into BIG winnings. Oftentimes they score two or three runs and the ball has never left the infield. They fabricate points with leathery toughness, speed, skill, and strategized hitting. Their added tough defense helps them win games.

America loves the Royals. An ESPN poll said 47 out of 50 states wanted the Royals to win the American League Championship Series.

What is especially noteworthy is how they win:

  • They have no stars. Everyone plays hard for the good of the team.
  • They believed they could get better and they did. The power of their confidence evolved on the field. They kept getting better and better right before our eyes.
  • They clearly are having fun. The literally are playing baseball.
  • They win by adhering to foundational tenets. Toughness, teamwork, hit, run fast and defend smartly.

The appeal for America is we all want to be reminded that fundamental, long-term hard work still pays off.

We never tire of being retold how we can all get better and in the process create an improved future. Teamwork, faith in the future, belief and self-confidence are still able to manifest tangible results.

This is true for business, entrepreneurship, any endeavor.

Even if you don’t hit home runs you can still win!