Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: October 26, 2020 – Meditation Can Change Your Life

meditation can improve your lifeThis is a brief synopsis of experiences that have led me to know how meditation can improve your life.

As I toiled for a lifetime to be a better human and a better leader, I realized that we would not cure our workplace’s pervasive problems or the world in our current condition. 

We have overdeveloped the resume-type skills, and we are underdeveloped in the deeper areas. Heart, empathy, compassion, kindness, and courage—a deep and profound character cannot be picked up in a book or taught in college or a leadership skills workshop. We are blindly following mass culture here……

What good is it to be highly educated and trained if you become entangled in a mind-made false story and you lose yourself in this big knot of a story, believing it is true? 

Working with managers, leaders, and organizations, I saw abundant strategies for career success and skill development and few ideas for developing an incorruptible core, a depth of character or inner cohesion that anchors one in the better side of human nature

It is one thing to talk about the dreadful workplace and bad bosses and quite another thing to do something about it at the level of cause. 

We don’t need more training. Meditation can improve your life!

A meditation practice will help you transform and apply all your training and experience from a new deeper foundation of awareness, attention and focus.   

You can expect:

  • Heightened states of selflessness, serenity, and composure become real and explicit.
  • With practice, you cultivate traits beyond these heightened states, such as generosity, emotional control, composure, and impartiality.
  • We become less entangled with incessant mind chatter, our opinions, and stories, we become more open.


What you are is the result of who you were. What you cultivate now will influence who you become. When you add meditation to your life-long learning, it connects you with essential human qualities that soften and enlighten from within.

You know you are making progress when…… are not agitating the world nor agitated by it!

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