Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: October 27, 2014-Today’s focus: Leadership

Life Education

Today’s Coaching: Life Education. The everyday handling of situations such as traffic, checkout lines, people talking loudly or distracted on their devices is not easy. It’s possible every moment to be joyful and accepting in these dull parts of adult existence but it is never easy.

That’s the real essence of a life education —attention, awareness and discipline allowing us a choice to how we respond to the frustrating, boring tedium of non-heroic everyday life. You have to be really paying attention to what is real, essential and yet hidden in plain sight,  hard to talk about and yet influencing us incessantly. You have to be engaged and not on autopilot to see the real education of life.


We all want to learn, grow and improve. Awareness and personal development is what can move us toward improvement quickly, easily and with little cost. It’s like any muscle, the more we use it the stronger it gets. Watch, look and listen………….

Don’t just believe me do your own research. Recognize the need for a life education in the world, the evening news, the communities where we live and in yourself…….your awareness.

We don’t manage ourselves to a new transformative condition; we lead ourselves to a new desired future condition.