Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: October 28, 2013-Today’s focus, Stories


Today’s Coaching,  Old Stories. Humans are built for evolution, growth, and the next thing. When we are babes we crawl but strive to walk after walking we evolve to wheels, a bike, then a car, any car. This is true of all of our roles in life. Professionally we want a job, any job. When that milestone is reached, we want more than a job. Naturally we want the CEO chair or the entrepreneurial platform.

When we “arrive” the quest for basic no longer satisfies, we have evolved. This is the point where stories become pivotal.

We hear facts, we understand data but we tend to believe stories. Not all stories are true, however……………

Here are 5 old stories and the myth behind them:

  • I Can’t: What’s more likely to foster movement the “I can’t” story or the “I’ll try” story? Whether you think you can or think you can’t …you’re right!
  • I Don’t Have The Money. Look around, really examine where you are. Is money the one thing that’s holding you back? Or could you do something right now with what you have? I thought so.
  • The Problem Is………Problems are everywhere and we hear about them all the livelong day. Successful people offer solutions.
  • I’m Not Ready: There’s always another training, another book to read, another learning hump. Being “ready” is a decision. Nothing revolutionary ever came from waiting.
  • That’s Impossible: There are actually two stories here and both are always available, the usual story of limitations and a future that is fixed.Or the unlimited possibilities story and we don’t know where the treasure is buried!

Isn’t it time to create a new story?

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