Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: October 7, 2013-Today’s focus, Discipline

Personal Discipline

Today’s Coaching, Probably the most difficult part of growth, movement, taking action and stepping out larger is Personal Discipline.

If you want something new, doing the same things will not get you there. To realize new results you must do new things.

It boils down to a blatant tolerance for pain. The slight and temporary daily pain of disciplined effort or the heavy, never ending pain of regret.

How many times have we said? Ughhh, I should have started when I was younger, when it was easier. Things rarely get easier but usually get harder.

Here are three things to remember as you pursue your dreams:

*Yin and Yang is natural: The dream is the light, doing the disciplined work to make it come true is the dark side, the shadow.

*The pain of not doing something is worse than the pain of doing it.

*You choose.

The distance between knowing and doing is the longest trek which consists of Personal Discipline.

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