Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: November 10, 2014-Today’s focus: Security

Personal Security

Today’s Coaching: Personal Security. If you think about it our security does not lie in organizations or our jobs. Haven’t we witnessed change that has shifted and even taken away entire industries? Think manufacturing and technologies shifting things—automated E-Z Pass has all but eliminated tool booth jobs.

Security lies within not without. If we have confidence, self-esteem, growing, evolving and open, flexible minds, we will always land securely on all fours no matter what technologies or the economy throws our way. We really have to be paying attention to see what is actually going on…. Mass culture, communal narrative and society sends us inaccurate information. When you look deeper you’ll see life’s truths:

  • Happiness leads to success.
  • Security in Self leads to wealth.
  • Thoughts create experience.

Here are four ways to develop security

  • Examine how you spend time. Do you spend your time on vitally important things that will craft the destiny you desire? Everyone says they are busy but is time spent on truly important—forward moving efforts or simple distractions?
  • Turn the TV way down and read. Start with a short easy book about one of our greatest presidents. Lincoln on Leadership is only 180 pages and has current day leadership applications explained for work and personal life.
  • Take a walk. There is no doubt that exercise, any exercise reduces stress and builds the right stuff in the right direction. There isn’t any stress that you cannot literally walk away from and quickly feel better. It’s the ultimate reframe. When you capitalize on your ability to change your own mood through exercise, you win.
  • Cultivate self-awareness. Try to understand your assumptions, beliefs and patterns. We make assumptions and thus choices without being aware we are making them. By making our assumptions, beliefs and patterns explicit, we can change behavior and our lives. Our beliefs are the grandparent of our actions.

Imagine how secure you’ll feel actually reading three books a month and exercising three days a week.