Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: November 11, 2013-Today’s focus, Strength

Self Development

Today’s Coaching: When I talk about Self Development I sometimes see rolling eyes or I pick up on glazed eyes and a “checking out.” To some, Self Development, self-help, personal development—no matter what you call it seems like an impossible myth.

However, when you distill it down beyond the trite and superficial of platitudes, positive attitude, personal development is equal to strength development. The quest really is to develop the personal strength for a new resolve. The ability to be undeterred is priceless.

The kind of resolve Walt Disney had when he was told he had no imagination nor did he have any good ideas. Disney endured countless rejections and a few bankruptcies, but ultimately he enjoyed success.

It takes personal strength to stand up to the world and say figuratively, “you’re wrong about me, stay tuned and I’ll show you how wrong you are.”

Here are 5 more ways personal strength development can help you.

It takes personal strength to:

  • Embrace the cold, dreary morning when exercise takes even more energy and effort.
  • Make our behavior a function of our decisions not our conditions, not the weather, not depending on if we have had our coffee, not the economy, not the situation.
  • Not complain about the needy colleague or nasty boss but rather compensate for him/her.
  • Pursue the dream of a business even when others think it’s to much work.
  • Begin to create your future today through a new resolve.

Don’t look for guarantees but rather use your strength to build resiliency. The ability to come back time and again outweighs any guarantee.

Personal growth leads to profitable growth.

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