Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: November 17, 2014-Today’s focus: Mindset


Today’s Coaching: Mindset….or Outlook.  Two shoe salesmen were sent to Africa to explore the potential for sales. One salesman reported that it is a desperate situation. “The people in the remote southern area never even heard of shoes and it would be an uphill battle just introducing the idea of shoes.”

The second shoe salesman reported, “It is a glorious situation! No one owns shoes so we could sell at least one pair to everyone.”

The situation is the same for both men and yet we get two vastly different positions. We learn from this example that two worlds are always available. The choice is ours for what Outlook we adopt. As I’m sure you have grasped, your view of things can hinder or fuel growth and prosperity.

If we look forward we can see a line of sight from the Outlook held by each salesman to actions taken. Which salesman stands to prosper more? Which will have an easier time with life–struggle less, be more at peace?

As you think so shall you be, as you are so will you do.

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