Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: November 18, 2019 – The Freedom of Emotional Intelligence

freedom of Emotional IntelligenceExperience the freedom of Emotional Intelligence. I recently did a short workshop on Emotional Intelligence for a CEO who was an advocate concerning my philosophy. From our first discussions about my involvement, he said, the way to be a better company is through each individual. He set the tone before I got there.

The second half of our workshop was an open forum where we sat around and talked openly about present-day challenges, the increased intensity of conflict and tension, and the skillset, mindset, and toolset needed to “intelligently” maneuver oneself in this new context.

One revelation that kept coming up from the group of 24 managers was the freedom of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Here are some pearls of collective wisdom that came from that open forum workshop and point to the freedom of Emotional Intelligence:

  • I now realize that my emotions have been driving me. They have been leading me.
  • Emotional reactivity happens while we are asleep, lost, disconnected, and on autopilot.
  • I can see that carelessly letting my mind wander, contributes to my unhappiness.
  • From here out, I can let go of needing people to behave in a certain way for me to be OK.
  • I am blown away. Paying a little more attention each day can transform your life.
  • I never realized how much I was letting my emotions control me until I stepped back and became an observer.
  • I spent my life trying to manipulate outside circumstances for me to be OK. What a miraculously freeing discovery to realize that my being OK had nothing to do with anyone outside of myself. All the while, the power was in me!

Anger, fear, resentment, disappointment, frustration, impatience, disgust, confusion, delight, enthusiasm, envy, doubt, boredom and listlessness… are all opportunities to know ourselves better.  If we can pause long enough (stop, look and listen) to collect ourselves and connect emotional stimuli to our higher, more rational self, this awareness offers us the ultimate freedom!

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom to choose our response……. In our response lies our growth and our happiness.
—Victor Frankl

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