Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: November 20, 2017 – Service

Customer Service

Everyone has a horrifying customer service story. No business seems to be exempt.

Recent stories include:

  • McDonald’s attempt to climb out of a slump.
  • Comcast attempts redemption and to lose the moniker The Most Hated Company.
  • The airlines…pick one.

The complaints run the gamut—problems with service, appointments, promptness, disorganized service. But the number 1 complaint most often registered is rude, curt, unprofessional employees.

It’s true. Even highly trained, highly revered doctors are not exempt. It is well known that doctors who spend more time with patients explaining things, listening, recognizing the “whole person” are less likely to be sued.

Researchers used recorded conversations to elicit warmth, hostility, dominance and anxiousness and predicted accurately which doctors would be sued.

You would think with the amount customer service training available these problems would not exist. What does that say about training?

This is what I call the black hole of training.

The remedy I believe is not more training. More information will not help someone to be more human or more humane. How to begin improving?

For a start:

  • Examine our personal conditioned patterns of response
  • Broaden our thinking
  • Make an effort to become a better person
  • Develop a different emotional response to those around you
  • Recognize that small things can create a better world

One of the first things that I learned while training to be a coach was to withhold judging and give people LOTS of space.

Everyone is dealing with or battling something that you know nothing about.