Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: November 23, 2015 – Today’s focus: Enthusiasm

Eager Energy

Today’s Coaching:  Where there is no emotion there is no motion. What is missing? Enthusiasm!

Researchers have analyzed the Florida election recount of 2000 and arrived at the conclusion that Gore’s lack of heart, emotion and enthusiasm is what cost him the election. He wasn’t perceived as engaged, believable or authentic.

After the election when Gore gave a speech on climate change and his enthusiasm for the topic was made obvious through voice tone, body language and emotion. The researchers believe the energy in that speech would have carried the day for Gore in 2000.

When we are enthusiastic we exhibit a determination that equals the courage of heart. We are fueled by passion that integrates physical and emotional strength and comes out in vocal tone and body language.

The feeling, tasting, seeing, smelling and touching forces are translated into communication languages and connection happens. Think Robin Williams.

When you are at the coffee shop, grocery store, bank, etc….look around, do your own research. Do you see enough enthusiasm? Could there be more eager energy in your life, your leadership?

To stimulate and inspire you must first be stimulated and inspired.

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