Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: November 24, 2014-Today’s focus: Assumptions

Today’s Coaching: Assumptions. You have probably heard the aphorism; “It’s not what happens to us that causes problems it’s our reaction to what happens to us that leads to problems.” What this is really saying is that our interpretation of events leads to reaction– and whatever action we may take.

To distill this idea down even further, our assumptions about life inform our attitudes and what we pay attention to and thus lead to our behaviors. So our reactions to events are first interpreted using our assumptions as a filter. These assumptions might be correct or not well suited for our current situation. They may have worked in our earlier life but now are outdated.
If we try to just shoot from the hip and change behavior—through a New Year resolution or a diet you can see why the efforts may not stick. The underlying conditioned response doesn’t respond to a quick-fix.

To create lasting change we must know the assumptions that drive our behavior and make them explicit. We can them replace outdated or ill-fitting assumptions with ones that fit better with our current situation.

Changing behavior is hard work but knowing where behavior originates gives you the power to know precisely where to start, and start you must. The rewards are waiting for you.
As I said in a previous post: Beliefs are the grand parent of our actions.

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