Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: November 26, 2018 – Living With Purpose and Intention

Living With Purpose and IntentionLiving With Purpose and Intention.

If there was ever a time to summon the courage to go on Living With Purpose and Intention; in such a way that makes a difference, it is now.

Don’t be concerned with any imposing, prodigious purpose. Boldly follow your intuition, your ambitions, and your dreams.

Success that comes from self-expression eludes those who are trying to “be somebody.”

Be you without question or apology.

Isn’t it time to go deeper and stretch….all the while enjoying your efforts?

Can you sense your own extraordinary value at a deeper level?

What difference could you make if at the deepest level you knew that it’s good to be you and you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole? No matter what you do you are loved?

The greatest intentional and purposeful act is to believe in yourself.

Mustering the courage to be the difference is risky and uncertain. Do it anyway!

Difficulties shrink when confronted.

There will be good days—diamonds, and bad days—rocks. But remember they are all minerals, elements, life’s building blocks.

Embrace the need to learn, grow and evolve…..learn as you fly.

Give yourself the gift of space. Pause and reflect on what is possible. Let your heart and your higher Self guide you.

Small acts of daily courage lead to exceptional courage.

There is no external power.

Be the difference we all want to see.

Joy is living for the welfare of all.

The overriding purpose of life is to make a lasting contribution to family, society, all.

Nurture your innate spirit of goodness and persist pouring everything you know into everything that you’ve got!

Isn’t it time to begin Living With Purpose and Intention? The power you have is immeasurable, unparalleled, and unprecedented.

There is only one you. You are the instrument!


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