Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: November 27, 2017 – Productivity


Are you as productive as you would like? Or are you finding yourself more unfocused, fragmented and distracted than ever? Don’t blame yourself. The Knowledge Age is more distraction than action and it’s not a mistake or coincidence.

Raise Your Antennae

In recent appearances and interviews in Newsweek and Slate, the founding president of Facebook, Sean Parker shed light on the effects of the social network craze.

Parker said sites like Facebook deliberately incentivized your active and continuous return to the social network site to post more and more content. Giving you a small dose of dopamine, which plays major role in reward-motivated behavior makes you return. It also keeps you thinking and scheming while not on the site, on how to get liked and add more likeable content.

Parker said Facebook exploits vulnerability in human psychology through a social validation feedback loopIt probably interferes with productivity in weird ways.

Facebook was used by Russia to sow discord on a range of inflammatory issues. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence said that Russians bought more than 3,000 Facebook ads, used 470 accounts, created 120 pages and reached 126 million Americans.

Don’t be anyone’s pawn

I’ve said it before. Society, mass culture, and the communal narrative are not here to support you thriving. They can’t/won’t help you.

Lead Your Life

The one person who can help you create the life you want to live is YOU! Master yourself and you’ll master the world. Don’t follow society it is anti-mastery. Write your own script, blaze your trail and most importantly, don’t look for external validation. Trust yourself. Believe yourself first!

Facebook claims to be driven by the lofty mission of making the world open and connected. Their most recent blurb says, Building community and bringing the world closer together.

It doesn’t matter what they or anyone else says. Let them chatter on. You have your own mission. Do a one-up and exploit Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the rest for your purposes.

Brian’s Productivity Formula

Discover you purpose or define your target. Align daily action with purpose and vigorously pursue. Measure progress often. Continually improve—AKA pursue Mastery.

It takes a lot of courage to move counterculture and be unapologetically YOU, thus the need contiually invest in improvement.