Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: November 3, 2014-Today’s focus: Progress

Personal Progress

Today’s Coaching, Personal Progress. Have you advanced as you would have liked to this last year/quarter? Are you where you want to be or at least comfortably on your way?

Seemingly clear questions but as we hesitate and rationalize the answers can get muddy. It does not have to be that way. Here are pragmatic tips to keep close as you create the movement today toward an improved tomorrow.

  • Growth comes from growth not cutting back. We don’t even know our full potential to influence, affect and change. Stop ruminating and put something out there!
  • There’s more than one “number one.” There are hundreds and even thousands. Cross your own finish line!
  • A setback is just that, nothing else. It’s not a reflection of you. Keep trying, no one becomes an expert or a veteran overnight. You don’t have to instantly be, it’s ok to become.
  • The TRUTH is no one gets close to realizing their potential without hard work, managing setbacks and developing.When it comes to action, the most important thing that will keep you progressing is your mindset. You simply cannot outperform your mindset.

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