Brian Braudis’ 1-Minute Morning Memo: November 4, 2013-Today’s focus, Vision & Purpose

 Vision Purpose

Today’s Coaching, Vision and Purpose are the starting point for any initiative. Nothing can happen without first visualizing “the what.” A clear view of where you are going – your dream and your target is essential. This allows you to think big, and just the act of defining your vision brings you closer to it. It creates a visualization of destination – something tangible to aim for.

Along the same lines, a vision without a purpose will leave you wandering aimlessly. Purpose is the direction toward your vision. A purpose is more personal; it defines who you are. Your purpose could be as simple as, “I want to be great; not the best in the world, the best for the world.” Purpose is your essence it oozes from you.

To visualize is something like… “I want to be the CEO.” Purpose is “I want to contribute as a transformational leader.” Purpose is “the why.” Your aim for success beyond money and power; it’s your destiny and your legacy.

Neither has to be nailed down. It’s natural to let both evolve as you develop, grow and change.

Here are three things to help you:

  • Notice a current trend and decipher what the future might look like
  • Observe how perfect everything has occurred in your life in preparation to further your vision
  • Spend time here and get a feel for how purpose can pull you toward your identified target.

We are always in the process of becoming.

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